Going on House Inspection This Year? This is What You Need.

House Inspection

One of the many dilemmas of house hunting is going on inspection trips with an agent, it’s undoubtedly a day job for many, could be extended as you might not get to see a property you are interested in.

It has become habitual for agents to take clients around their properties hoping to change their minds despite having the clients.

So how do you navigate saving time, cost and energy when it comes to property inspection. Start by preparing a checklist of things you need to look out for, a better alternative is to go along with a third party that can point out things you might likely miss.

Agent & Client

Here are some things you need to mark on your checklist during inspection:

  1. Exterior: look through the building and apartment to see obvious cracks, or disfigures that need to be discussed. Check for any structural defect, is there a need for repairs.
  2. Drainage: You don’t want to get stuck on the road on a rainy day, hence the need to look through the area, ask neighbors if you aren’t familiar with the location to have more information. 
  3. Roof: Ask for the overall state of the ceiling? Look for any sign of leaks or damage. 
  4. Interior: Checkout for wall dampness, evidence of leaks though the window or ceiling. The tile situation, kitchen cabinet, toilet and the bedrooms to see if you need to flag anything. 
  5. Electrical: Are there faulty electrical issues or outlets not working properly, this may require you to go with an expert.
  6. Plumbing: Check the taps, the flushers to confirm its performance. Look out for anything unusual inn the building.
  7. Meter: Specifically, for our Nigerian Clients. (Check the light meter for any fault or outstanding bills in other to avoid any unplanned expenditure.

Now you know what to look out for the next you on the house inspection. Till next time, Selah!

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