Since the early days, many residential apartments have been built in the traditional way where each room has distinctive functions such as kitchens, bedrooms, formal living rooms etc. Trends in building haven’t changed so far, many are even seeing a downsize when it comes to space. 

So why open plan, first the definition, open plan homes are architectural designs where two or more common spaces have been joined together to form a larger space removing wall partitions. 

The main aim is to join the kitchen and dining room, dining room and living room, or all three into some form of communal living space.

Why are Real Estate developers not building open plan homes; because they are costlier. Without partition walls, open plan houses depend on steel or laminated beams for support.


Here Are Some Advantages Of Open Plan Homes

  1. Easy movement flow with no doors and walls to restrict or hinder. People can move through space unhindered.
  2. Improved communication accessibility. You can easily communicate with roommates, other people within your space.
  3. Light; you enjoy great lightning and it will be well shared within your space.
  4. High real estate value; open floor plan is highly desirable amongst buyers and it increases the sellers’ positions in the market.
  5. Flexibility, open floor plans are multifunctional. Spaces can serve as a family room, a recreation room, a home office etc. 

The cons side of an open floor apartment involves its high cost of cooling, construction cost and lack of privacy.

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